I woke up with the Shadow Feminine this morning. I happen to follow Hela, Norse Goddess of the Dead and She helps me to honor my own Shadow… There was much good to come out of my own journaling this morning on what had been disowned in me – the sense to accept my own existence and care for myself…

The Sky Priestess: Dr Bairavee

Blessings everyone. Vesta (The Priestess, 21 Virgo) squares Saturn (21 Sagittarius) and Black Moon Lilith (22 Sagittarius). This is a powerful time in which we can re-consider the thoughts, practices, philosophies, material tools, teachers and spaces we use in Service.

Listen to your body and its urgings. Explore areas that feel solid, safe and grounded – and those that feel uncertain. Consider what messages your body is communicating to you.

And on a related note, refer to the works of Louise Hay. She introduced millions to the idea that we could heal our bodies by understanding the metaphysical relationship between body, mind, emotions and spirit. She passed away just yesterday.

As Vesta is prone to either obsession or total renunciation, try not to let your analytical focus get out of control. Remember to ground out if your mind goes into hyper-drive and stick with the non-verbals. If avoiding these questions…

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It’s been a while since I’ve blogged anything, and I hope to get back to it at least on a weekly basis. I’m relatively new to the Norse community, since the Norns took me on back in 2013, but I’m really intense about it around my other responsibilities to life. From the Norns I fell in love with Hela, who taught me a lot about grounding and clearing my energy body, and She introduced me to Her family. But lately, I could feel Odin waiting at the back of my heart for His due. He even took to sending the Ravens who live on the mountain across the street to hang around where I was, their mocking laughter would follow me until one day I sat down and invited Him in. He had to remove some walls, but there He was, as huge as the storms He leads in the Wild Hunt, and I have a new devotional.

The Valknut is what ties all of these together. The Valknut called out to me when I first saw it on my internet researches as the Enneagram called out to me in my late twenties when I was part of the Gurdjieff work. Is it any wonder that the Norse lore amazes me, when the Runes themselves are a call to Conscious Being?

Nornir’s Corner Blog


Spring is finally waking up in the Catskill Mountains. Alan and I have begun garden preparations and yard cleanup. It feels so great to be outdoors in the sunshine with the fresh smell of damp earth all around us. I look for something new every day. So far I have seen a daring red squirrel doing what squirrels do best, leaping from one tree to the next, probably hoping I haven’t spied him.

Some little critter left an acorn planted in my vegetable garden, which I overturned while pulling those plants commonly known as “weeds” which I don’t consider weeds, just don’t want them in my vegetable garden. I took the acorn, which had a root shooting downward and moved it to my perennial garden which changes shape every year. It should have a good shot at life there, and when it gets bigger, I will move it, along with the two small ones already planted there, to the wooded area behind our home.

And on the daily walk with the dog, I saw a pileated woodpecker. That redcapped my day for sure!

Spring is here

DSC_0003 DSC_0008

Winter seems to have finally turned the corner into spring. Things are warming up outside and people are working in their yards getting ready for the gardens and the flowers and all that is joyful in this season.

Today’s post is not serious. This is an experiment to try to link this new blog with my web site. After spending a couple hours yesterday working on a Runecast that I had intended to post, the link failed. I am deciding that it may have as much to do with Mercury retrograde as to my learning the particularities of this blog site.

Happy Spring, everybody!